Different rotation system in web player?


I happened to be looking at this project again, which I made around mid-year last year:

What it looks like in the app:

(The number indicates the rotation of the object, and it moves forward in that direction)

Then I saw it looked like this in the web player (using Safari on a Mac):

The turning is always in the same direction hence it going around in a circle. And the number is always from 1 to 5. I'm not sure if it is to do with:

  • object not being able to turn a negative variable amount?
  • object not being able to turn a negative amount?

(sorry about the long project title. I think I should put dev notes inside the project rather than on the title :joy:)


Hmm I got that too
Maybe it's the code, (republish it again and see if there's any difference)

The way it's moving on the second line is extremely slow as if it's cloning something

Is the code for the first and second line the same??

Edit: whoops it is clones XD


It's the same for me at safari at iPad.
Probably a glitch.


That is looking pretty weird. Does the rotation ever get below 0 in the app?


This seems quite odd, has there been any major updates to the actual app since you made this project.
That could possibly affect the way the code is working?


The browser project viewer doesn't work with some projects even if it is supposed to, and I don't know why.


Yep it does (the GIF is recorded from the app)

I think so too, this was made almost a year ago :joy: