Did there ever use to be more charecters?



Some people say there used to be more charecters on Hopscocth besides the Halloween ones p, is this true. If so tell me what they looked like, this is mainly to anybody who was on in 2014 or before!!


In 2014, there were limited edition Halloween characters, not used anymore. Those are the on,y characters that aren't here anymore


My original account was in October 2014 and I don't remember any characters that aren't here now. The Halloween characters are dlc that sold quickly and went out in a flash. There is also jungle characters you can buy, too.


Somebody told me these were charecter, will ther ever be more charecters?


I play the older version of hopscotch ( Which is not the best version of Hopscotch )
It's not on there.
It could be just a bunch of characters they had sketched and the the hopscotch team was trying to figure out which ones to put on the game...?


There will probably be more characters soon, but I don't think they are adding any more soon.

As for those, I think they were going to be added, but didn't make the cut


How did you get that photo!

Looks so cool!


Some of these are really cute! I hope they put them into the game some day!


There used to be one other character, I believe, but I can't remember which.


Yeah I want some more charecters
Yeah, it's so funny!


In these photos they have a female "Cosmic Cody". I guess the female turned into a male.


It was a yeti :wink: (I think :o)


I found



The one on the right was probably the future raccoon!


These were called draft charecters what they are is

The person who designed the charecters out them aside and did not finish them!

And mabbey he did not like the look of them!


I recommend not doing this I found some inapropriet stuff!


Oh no! I'll get rid of what I said! That's no good!


Yeah I think we saw the same thing!


Here is what the coding looked like


No I know what that used to look like we found a inapropriet image that's not suitable for young children!