Did the HT upgrade to Discourse 1.4?



Just curious, did the HT upgrade to Discourse 1.4? It offers a LOT more features to the forum! Read about it here!

Thanks! :smile:

@Liza @Ian @awesomeonion


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When you tried to do what?


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We are running latest here, all the features from 1.4 are here.


YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks @sam


@sam, I see there is a feature that you can "whisper" to staff. Do you know if this is enabled?


whispers are not enabled here... however the way they are built only staff can whisper to other staff.

If you need to whisper to a staff member just flag the post :slightly_smiling:


@sam I heard that you can change the color of the forum backround in the video @Rawrbear posted!
Is that feature accessible on this forum?
If so where can I get to it?


What post is it @Gabe_N???? I WANT TO SEE IT BADLY!!!!!!!


It's that one^ @Phase_Studios


I believe only admins can change it to dark theme! :wink:


Oh that's just stupid like what's so bad about it


Nothing, white is just more of a "educational app" type of theme! :wink:


But still...


Do you have geometry dash @Rawrbear if so what's your username mines geojumper123 id like to add you as a friend
Sorry for being off topic and irrelevant to hopsctch this is very important to me so please don't flag


Ok I'm adding you now!


My internet randomly shut off I had to get it running again I'm adding you right now!


Just added you! @Rawrbear lets just delete these posts


Mine is RainbowMaster... In case you wanna know....