Did I post this right


Um..did I post this right???? Sorry I'm new to the forums!


Welcome to the forum! If you have any questions, my door is open! (And it did work)


Yes, you did! Welcome to the forum. Please keep things on the topic of Hopscotch!


Ok thank you!


Also, maybe post art on this topic:


I was trying to post it there sorry i messed up!


To post something on a topic, you,
1.Click on the topic
2.Scroll all the way down to the bottom (This may take a while)
3.Tap Reply
4 Upload the picture the same way
5.Add any text
6.Click Reply.


No problem, it's fine since your new.




Sure, feel free to @ me anytime :wink:


Okey :slightly_smiling:


Hello welcome can anyone give her a link to a tutorial?!

Hi I am Huggingfluffybear type @Huggingfluffybear if you need me!

From your furry friend - huggingfluffybear