Did I do something wrong?


What did I do wrong this is what Liza sent me...
And all I said was "this is off topic" anyone can you please tell me what I said wrong...

I feel very sad everyone..


Sometimes a spam filter (Akismet) hides stuff to make sure it's okay. It'll stop when you get a higher trust level.


So am I in trouble??:worried::disappointed::pensive::confused:🙁




OK but I still feel a little sad right now... I'm going to play magic piano to get my mind of this!


No, Askimet is a bot and checks for spam. It sometimes fails, and since you're just a Basic, you're more prone to be "searched". Also, I think I've seen topics like this, something like "What is Askimet?", but then again, you're a Basic.


Ok. Thanks very much


I like that. Bot, The super topic closer. Askimet, the spam detective.


Well it's not so fun when you have done nothing wrong....


It just makes sure you're not Mr. Angry Spammer. It's not bad.


They're also both mindless systems that are checking for spam and closing everything they see. It's a robot. I don't think you did anything wrong. I read your post before is was being body scanned. It was a perfectly fine post.


Your a robot

I think


I'm also a human being. :3
I bet an entirely robot wouldn't do this > (/•-•)/


Everybody please keep this in topic!


It's okay, just probably a friendly reminder. I don't think you did anything wrong :wink:


You have not done anything wrong. Askimet, our spam filter, has just hidden your post because it's suspicious to Askimet and you're titled Basic User.


Well thanksgiving the tips guys! I'm going to draw something now!
And I will post it!


yeah the bot is out to get most people