Did I Annoy You Personality Quiz answers needed!


So, if you've taken a test like this before, then you'll know what's inside the package- the quiz tries to annoy you, and you have to select your true answers. It's kinda like (my personal favorite) this one, I take it a lot: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/1468420/Can-I-annoy-you
*Please note that some words may be offensive to people whose parents don't swear or cuss. Don't worry no BAD cussing just c word and stu word. I'M TALKING ABOUT THE LINK NOT MY QUIZ

I want answers*

I have an imagination and good answers, but I wanna hear what you guys have. Weird sentences, patient, totally fine with this , and impatient answers.
I want some HSB colors too and music. This will be a funny wuiz, I swear!
*credit will be given
SYLA (see you later alligator)


That's a really good idea! Sorry, can't like. Also, my school iPad filtered it for some reason, so I took another one online.


I didn't get annoyed, you never get annoying to me.


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Please remove some of the words like

wtf (let's just say "Where's the flowers :grimacing:), sexy, shut up


Didn't annoy me! :slight_smile:


Two things 1 how does this relate to hopsoctch 2 it used the worst word in the world and yeah let's say where's the Flower! And shut u.p is okay!


I think she's making it in Hopscotch. :wink:


Oh okay but yeah don't use the where's the flowers! (Good one! Little kids don't ask...)


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Oh yeah that's as bad as where's the flowers!


Here it is and I just saw aid that that quiz was my favorite one I wasn't making the exact one in Hospcotch oh my gosh common sense knows the answer to that.


actually, it has the f w ord I think. Because it at some point said "WT (bad word here)"

(not the one you made I mean the other one)


Yeah but WTFmeans well that's fantastic in the forum language!