Did anyone realize I was gone for a whileđź’—


Comment down below if you noticed I as gone!!!!


I did....

Where were you?


I noticed!

Of course I noticed!

you are my BFF


Just got really popular so having lots of sleepovers and going to football games and just got a little bored been checking in but not doing anything may come back fully tho


Aw thanks your so nice


I realized it I was missing you


Omg thanks your soooo nice I miss this


So yeah a bunch of people have left
All the leaders were demoted


OMG REALLY!!!!! Why omg why


The leaders had different perspectives than Liza did
Murphy1 was exposed for harassing friendship2468 on social media
Poptart0219 and mobcraft think they are insane
Kaykay/friendship wants to be called disgusting


Oh well i feel like they got a little comfortable bossing people around so​:joy:.... so is there any leaders other than staff


You spelled realize wrong


Oh and no sorry I just joined like 2 weeks ago




I noticed !! I always checked your profile , every day !,


I noticed u were gone! I am glad your back! A lot of crazy stuff happened!


Welcome back! :smile:
Lots of crazy things happened while you were gone, like the Leaders' demotion, people getting suspended, etc. Some people left following the demotion.

But we have been more on-topic recently, so that's good!


I noticed that a while ago. Welcome back!


I noticed...


I noticed... but I forgot to comment on it :sweat_smile: