Did any other Beta Testers get this?


I need some help with this, @Liza what do I do?
I got this email a few days ago:


Yeah. I got it, but I haven't tested it or downloaded it yet because of All State auditions today...I've been preparing all week!


Uhhhhg... I can't get the email to make me a beta tester so no. :stuck_out_tongue:


What are you beta testing it looks like that same app xD


I got nothing. Maybe I put a typo in my email :frowning:


Yes, I got the email, but I have not done anything for it yet because I have such small space on my freaking-out-at-the-moment iPad


Language plz.


I did but no time to check it out


I checked it out but I am confused, look at my recent topic.


Did they include a hw-to easy thing?