Diagonal lines?



I am making this little picture-like scene. I am making a person with :scream: As the face for the scene. I want them to have arms that connect the arms in the emoji to the sleeves of the person's shirt. I would have to make diagonal lines using the leave a trail block. But, the only way I know of for making things go diagonal is using buttons. I want the object that is drawing the line to draw the line diagonal automatically and not have to have a button be pressed for this to happen. HELP ME DO THIS!!!


I have made a video on my YouTube check it out here http://youtu.be/d8dReyxmSkE


easy so first get out a leave a trail block then change that move forward to 1 and get out a change Y by block and put in under to move forward block but in the leave a trail block ten set the Y to 1 if you want the diagonal up and if you want it down then set the y to -1 and put that whole leave a trail block in a repeat block!


leave a trail color (color) width (width)
. set angle (insert angle here)
. move forward (insert distance here)

it's a lot smoother than change X by, change y by, that'll work, but for precision you sacrifice speed, and vice versa, but this one is fast and precise


Or you could use Sine and Cosine.


yes, that too, but I'm not quite fluent in trig yet, so I try to steer away from it in my actual projects, but I am testing with it in a few of my unpublished projects