Device Guesser – Spec Testing

I am going to add to Device Guesser and I am trying to make it detect different devices, but I need help with seeing how devices input touch with a different resolution. After this is done, I will open source the code so anybody can use it.

The project is a 1024x768 project, but I need to test it on different devices to determine what number set a device needs to make the touch a whole integer.


How to help:

  1. Open this project in the Hopscotch App.
  2. Go to the Set Text actions in the object.
  3. Change the values in tiltright>0 to experiment with TouchY and tiltleft<0 for TouchX.
  4. Find a value that makes the Last Touch Y Variable always a whole number when played horizontally. The number must be less than 15 digits long.

Basically, change that number and let me know what number makes what device output a whole number regardless of last touch y (that means anywhere you press, the green number should be a whole number). Look at post 2 for device list and suggestions

For example: The iPhone screen size is 667x375. In Last Touch Y, I had to multiply by 375 (the height of the editor on iPhone) to make it always output a whole number.

See the next post for the device list.

Forget Last Touch X, this is an older project

Reply with your device (only if listed in the next post) and a the number you multiplied by to make Last Touch Y a whole number every time.

I know it sounds confusing but if you have any questions, please ask me.

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Device List:

iPad Mini/2/3/4
iPad 4/Air (2014)/Air 2/2017/2018
10.5 in iPad Pro/iPad Air 2018
11 in iPad Pro
12.9 in iPad Pro
iPhone X/XS (same size)
iPhone XS Max
iPhone 5S/SE (also same)
iPhone XR
iPhone 6/6S/7/8

A Chart of Device Resolutions and Numbers
Device Name Display Size Editor Size Landscape Multiplier Portrait Multiplier
iPad Mini 7.9" 1024x768 1 303
iPad Mini 2 7.9" 1024x768 1 303
iPad Mini 3 7.9" 1024x768 1 303
iPad Mini 4 7.9" 1024x768 1 303
iPad 4 9.7" 1024x768 1 303
iPad Air (2014) 9.7" 1024x768 1 303
iPad Air 2 (2015) 9.7" 1024x768 1 303
iPad 2017 9.7" 1024x768 1 303
iPad 2018 9.7" 1024x768 1 303
iPad Pro 9.7" 9.7" 1024x768 1 303
iPad Pro 10.5" 10.5" 1112x834
iPad Air (2018) 10.5" 1112x834
iPad Pro 11" 11" 1194x834
iPad Pro 12.9" 12.9" 1366x1024 341 1
iPhone 5S 4" 568x320
iPhone 5S 4" 568x320
iPhone SE 4" 568x320
iPhone 6 4.7" 667x375 125 281
iPhone 6S 4.7" 667x375 125 281
iPhone 7 4.7" 667x375 125 281
iPhone 8 4.7" 667x375 125 281
iPhone X 5.8" 812x375 562
iPhone XS 5.8" 812x375 562
iPhone XR 6.1" 896x414 138* 155*
iPhone XS Max 6.5" 1344x621

* = Awaiting Confirmation (has not run the project on post 1)
If you have any devices with blank numbers, try the suggested height (562, 621, 414, etc.)
See Post 95 then come back later with numbers I tell you.


I’m confused as to what I’m supposed to do lol


I can do IPhone X, but not rn


I’m confused what?

I suggest you to make it more clear.


Ok, so in the project, there is a text object with a when tiltright > 0

Go there, Last Touch Y should be multiplied by a number.

Change the number it is multiplied by until it gives a whole number.


Yea for last touch Y right?


GCC and I can test on a 5th or 6th Gen 9.7 inch iPad if you need those devices.


See device list, those are complete


The number is already a whole number every time?


Then read the device list?

Example Reply:
iPhone X, 324 makes a whole number every time


My device is the XR


So for XR in app, Last Touch can be multiplied by 375 to make a whole number no matter the Last Touch Y value?

Could you list like 6 numbers that you get?


It’s staggered, sometimes it’s always a whole number no matter the last touch Y and then sometimes it’s not


Then change the number until it always is. Try 414, and lmk if that works. If it does not, try 828.


Does the text have to be green?
414 works

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It’s not really easy to make this sound clear, it’s messing with specs and that’s always confusing

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yeah, we’re looking for the last touch Y variant, not last touch x


No problem actually, I get it now.

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Ok 414 is giving me a whole number

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