Detect a close!


I can give you the code if you like


I already have most of the code
What wasn’t working for me was the double tapping (oops)

But I would like to see you’re code, this project your making looks really cool because it’s a smooth zooming





Oh wow that’s some pretty good code!
I have some of Thin Buffalo’s I will look at the similarities


Yes, I used his for inspiration :))))


Hey that’s pretty good! Good luck on your new game!


how did you know i was working on a game…
It’s not really a game, though, and it doesn’t include that animation, but keep working on your game!


You should totally make an app with the zooming it’ll be super cool

(I’m thinking of doing that with the space exploration app but I need to find a better way to disperse stars)


Oh I made a very simple project like that


Oh wow that’s pretty cool stuff zooming
Hopscotch needs strings


Oh yeah I saw that one! It’s super great!
That’s what inspired me actually to make the one I’m working on


There’s no zooming involved, it’s just point of view

And it’s nice that someone gets inspired from me! :))


That’s really cool! I made a restart detector too. Here’s a link:

It just measures the distance an object travels in 650 milliseconds at speed 100. So when you first play it, the distance is less than 100, and when you restart, it’s greater than 100!


@Hopscotcher wait how did you like my “Detect a close! (2.0)??? It’s not published, it’s been blocked by the filter. I thought other people could not see it yet. And it’s not in your favorites. What’s going on?!


Well, I can still like unpublished projects as long as there is a link.


@Hopscotcher But who gave you the link? I don’t remember sharing it here.
Edit: Never mind. I put it into the message I meant for the hopscotch curators, my mistake. I believe that if you had the link one could easily save it as a draft without the creators tag, so that was a foolish mistake by me.


Here is the new better version:

The code is simple, I include a lot of explanation in the code, and it functions much better on all devices.