Detect a close!


Also, I finished my detect restart 2, and it doesn’t publish. I believe it’s stuck in the filter because it has a lot of text, what words does it block? How can I get it to publish?


You could do the same thing but without the diagonal move. It’s really unbalanced since there’s something on the bottom left and nothing on the bottom right. You could have the menu button in the center to keep that balance.


I also have a project that doesn’t publish. I’m considering updating the app now

Also I coded something using @ThinBuffalo’s code


@DECODECO No I mean I’m going to be adding more things to the menu such as upgrades or power ups to beat the harder levels. That’s why it’s empty. The thing is that I need to guess and check correct “bind” values for each single object I add to the menu, which makes me want to chuck my iPad into a blender. That’s why I originally asked if anyone know how to generate an equation form a set of data points, since I know 4 working inputs and outputs, and just want it to be automated for th others.


@DECODECO Cool effect! Also, it’s not publishing because it’s blcoked by the hopscotch filters for bad words. I remember making a tutorial and said “set this to the text you want” and it blocked it because it said “text you”. So yeah


I mean changing the starting position of the menu button, everything else is the same, though


Nah I’m like it as is, I just said I need the equation for future objects. That’s all.


Ok, but it does feel unbalanced, so be weary




Then why didn’t you do it in a different project??
It’s ok, sorry if I’m too demanding


@DECODECO I make backups of the game as I’m going. I’m on version 35 right now, trying to finish the menu. So I do do it in a different project technically.


It’s ok to have different opinions. If you’re giving feedbac k, remember that the other person doesn’t have to agree with you. That’s their prerogative.

How boring would the world be if everyone had the same opinions?

fwiw, I kinda like the pop out from the corner


@ThinBuffalo How do I push it through the filter? I mean my “detect close 2” one. Any words that I may remove to free it? Do you have access to what it blocks?


Either take out the “offending” language, if that’s the cause, or email THT so they can manually release it.


@ThinBuffalo Emailing takes too long. And I have no offensive language. Your reckon you can find the error? It’s says it’s published from my account, but not there, but I can still give you the link.


Sorry. I think those are your options.

I have a project that refuses to publish (unless the word “bug” is banned). Sometimes, from what I understand the filter just occasionally glitches and your only recourse is emailing THT

Unfortunately, I don’t know what words or phrases are blocked…


Nah I doubt it glitches. I republished several trials of it, and no luck. It would vary then if it were a glitch.


I recoded my project that wouldn’t publish from scratch and it still wouldn’t publish…


Now that’s weird, and proves your probably right.


Ah yeah
I was making a map game with zooming but the double tap to zoom I was making didn’t work properly I’ll have to make a toggle button