Detect a close!


It gave me a notification you did, but now it’s gone. Yeah, and if your done checking the “pop up menu” code, then you can delete it.


Ok, but just to make sure, you’ll have to use sine for size, since the menu gets larger and smaller.


Ok, I deleted it.
I’ll code a simple sample menu for you that grows bigger and smaller and changes position using sine/cosine


Nah. I’m not using sine, it works already. I just need an equation for setting them bind values. I don’t think you understood me. Sorry.


The sine equation is an equation, but it’s hard to understand
I’ll code one for you and you can see what I mean


Well I have to go now. Won’t be online till next morning. Cya


Ok, I’ll have to go too
I hope I helped a little and didn’t confuse anything


Please answer this question


@Aariv Ok sorry. Give me a moment.



Sorry for the delayed response. Here’s a brief explanation. Once again, I’m going to try improving it to make it more understandable.


Usually for the angles to be 5e same yes. For the reverse, positive angles are clockwise.

You get notified when someone saves a draft of your project.



I didn’t really get that. You divided the average RPs and subtracted it? Why?


Yeah, this version is extremely confusing. I’m almost done with a much clearer and much better one. Probably some time today it will be ready. Just don’t worry about understanding this one though. @Aariv


But you seem to not find it confusing


All it is is just math I’ll look at the code some code


It seems like he takes the Frames Per Second of the project, then takes the average of them. If the current one is 25% lower than the average, it does that code. I think, from just looking at the code for a second. :smile:


Yes, but how do the math blocks help him check if the current is 25% lower?


He knows that the average FPS at the beginning is 30 FPS (or maybe he finds the average at the beginning idk I see a trigger at the beginning)

And he’s constantly updating the current FPS.
He found out that when you do certain things with the app, the frame rate drops a certain percentage. So he’s just checking if the current frame rate is equal to a certain percentage of the starting frame rate


Which is how he can also find if you’ve restarted a project, it drops the frame rate by a certain percentage


I know, but wasn’t my question.
How do the math blocks help him detect?