Detect a close!


You serious? How may I do that? What can be the equation?



That’s how you make orbitals, right? Not this!? Will this work? I’m confused.


Yes, although you’ll have to ask an expert for diagonal sine waves
Wait a second, I think I have the code on my account somewhere


And aren’t you supposed to use cosine for x Vals?


Actually, you use cosine for y, but good guess!
If you want to not make your menu look like an orbital, just make the movement start— then stop— once you reach a certain position




Nah, I want it like it is. I just need an equation for the “bind” values


I do have the code!


What does this mean?


That is the equation. Many animations use sine because of its natural movement. It’s pretty complicated, and I still don’t know it’s pattern after learning right triangle trigonometry (using sine, cosine, and tangent)


That’s a sine wave.


And that will give me my odd “bind” values


@XAMANION, try opening and closing the menu in this project. It a different way of binding.


Yes, precisely, you’re very correct.


Well yeah lol. That’s simply subtraction of position. Here I have it bound to a pulsing square, keeping its position relative regarding size…


@DECODECO YOOOOO! PLZ unpublish THAT REMIX! Please! My game is not ready lol. I would also sleep better knowing you have deleted it from your drafts too…


You can use sine on size as well.
See the code snapshot I showed you a few minutes ago? Copy the entire equation for x and paste it into a Set size block.


Bruh… I need set position


Oops sorry
I just wanted to make sure that when I closed the app the game won’t close on me too
I can delete from my drafts but I never published it…