Detect a close!


I tried lol. It only gives me an approximation using the regrex graph… I need precision.


What exactly do you mean? Is it as if you gradually went to the bottom of the screen the object would gradually get larger?


Here’s the binding code.
It sets the values for “bind” when it’s cloned, so it remains proportionate to the menu when changing size…


You mean snapping?

Code from @Petrichor


Sadly no. Would you like a quick sneak peak at my game so you can test the menu?


Ok, I’d like to see what you mean

Edit: @XAMANION, do you have a zoom in/out intent?


nooo! literally 2 frames away


Ok. So I will publish it, then I put the link here. You enter the link, and when you see the small square in the bottom left corner, you swipe it out to open the menu. Tell me when your done so I can remove it from the web.


Done :)


You saw the menu? Yes?


:000 my primitive self tried to recreate this game
I’ll give you a link after I play your game


@DECODECO did you test the menu?


@DECODECO can I unpublished it now?


Yes, do you mean the animations? You want to make the words get bigger as they come in?


Yes, I have the project.


So how was the menu mechanics?


So you do mean zoom in/ out code. They stay relative to their positions, even if they change size. So you want the size to be relative? Just make them all relative to the big square at the back. I can help you find a zoom multiplier for size.


Not the size, the positions. You saw them “bind” values in the screenshots earlier? They need to be set to bizarre things like -18, -15,-5,3.1 and etc.

I want a function that can generate these without me doing 100 trials and errors, based on its position in the beginning.



Just use sine