Detect a close!


Yes, because it acts like a draft


Yes, with a few exceptions:

  1. The original_user trait
  2. The project ID


What is the user trait?

"original_user": {
	"id": "------",
	"nickname": "Awesome_E",
	"avatar_type": --,
	"created_at": "December 2014"
"edited_at": "2018-11-10T09:42:30-0800"

Looks like this


That’s changeable/editable though


I tried modifying that before, but it doesn’t do much


I wonder if you can code in your own blocks. Adding a “cloud” variable would be insane.
Me and my friend made a chat by encoding a string into a line of numbers, storing that in a cloud variable, then decoding it later on. Scratch refreshes constantly, meaning it was like a real SMS system. So that would get hopscotch banned from all school iPads so, bad idea.


Edit the webplayer, then maybe. I don’t know everything about the way the webplayer JavaScript file defines everything, if I looked into it then maybe, but the app also has to know what to do with it - you can’t find anything regarding the editor’s GUI in that file


Also, I figured out how to have custom thumbnails.


I know how to do that - #screenshotsfolder
must keep up with latest in hopes of Regular trust level


Exactly. But you can’t publish it like that. Can you?


It updates the screen shot right before it publishes, and when the app is restarted. So, I have my doubts.


Well, you can hold a thumbnail zoomed out to keep it that way, so maybe replace the file at the perfect time through iTunes? Meticulous but may work


I spent minute trying once, no luck. Wait, actually with your method, it may, but how will you change it if you can’t leave hopscotch? iTunes?


I think that may have to do with the transfer delay though, try replacing it a little earlier (assuming you hit publish at the same time you pressed replace) - I think timing wise you’d have to press replace, publish, publish as fast as you can
I might try right now


I shall attempt this too. Nah, it only updates from files to the app when hopscotch is restarted.


@Awesome_E Hey, do you know any good ways of generating an equation from a set of points? Any apps? Sites? It’s for a pop up menu in my upcoming game, where I want objects in the menu to automatically bind to its size by generating values based on position and size, so I don’t have to manually guess and check until it’s right, because the menu exponentialy grows and shrinks to come in/out.


Almost had it! try a little later - use files app


Maybe a pause screen? This is really interesting!


What do you mean? I’m thinking you could use a point-slope kind of equation