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I like those short story things people are making!




What if you make something like this on hopscotch? That would be cool


There is a new mysterious black block on hopscotch!

Use the black block

Cool! Now you have a black block! What now?

Publish saying "LOOK AT CODE"

As you press publish the black block strangles you. You are never using that block again. The end.

Do not publish. You need more code.

You do not publish he project. As you add more blocks hopscotch explodes and you have to re-download hopscotch. :frowning: The end.

Save the black block in drafts and go get a snack

Ok now your done getting a snack.
What do you do?

Publish the project

What do you call your project?


BOOM! You were wrong! The project explodes and you never see a black block ever again.

Kitty and Potatoe

You publish the project. Your project gets a million likes. You get the official awesome name "Blockinator". The end :slightly_smiling:

Do not publish the project

You do not publish the project. The black block comes out of the screen and eats your iPad. You have to get a new iPad :frowning:

You do not use mysterious black block

You get sucked into black block. The end.



You know, you can log back in!


Who do you follow?


Good choice! She is a great coder and has been on Featured several times! Please don't freak out if she starts following you (she started following us when her only project on Featured was her holiday card) or likes your project (she likes our projects almost daily).


Great pick! He is great at coding music, and he also made a drawing pad and a music kit combined (the link for the project is below)! That great game should be on Featured! It's the Anon Pad V.1!
@Follow4LikesOfficial is Anonymous on Hopscotch.


Thanks for following us! Our username is tankt2016. We are currently working on the "Color☆Pad!".


I follow all of them!!!!!!!!


Me too! Except for myself! :laughing:


Mainly, I was going to find HSB colors but now I am on the forum so, by for now!


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Strange. I would use the Do Not Disturb feature.


A game in Progress

Once upon a time, you find yourself bored. No one is on the forum, so what do you do?

Open Hopscotch

You open the app Hopscotch. Just as you open it, it crashes again.

What do you do?

Open it again

As you open it, nothing happens. The app hopscotch completely disappears from your device.

Use another app

You start using another app. Flappy Bird! Boop. Boop. You get a high score of 43 points.

Keep playing

Your mom yells at you for playing on your iPad. The end.

Don't open Hopscotch

You go on the forum, and finally someone is there! But there seems to be a bot fight going on.

Watch it!

@PopTart0219 and @Follow4LikesOfficial struggle on opening and closing the topic.

Comment "rude things"

Liza doesn't find it funny, and you get suspended.

Enjoy the view

You enjoy the view. Yay.

Don't care.

You close your iPad, then you proceed to school. Learn stuff :sunglasses:


I'm terrible at Flappy Bird, plus we don't have the app.

Then redownload it. You know your password.


It's in progress...


I'm recreating @kenlauescuadro's Astral: Pace! :smile:


Please delete the spam. :frowning:


Spam? What spam? Is it me?


I think he meant you. :confused:


A long time ago I glitched Hopscotch into making me follow myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but the projects gone.