[details] games! Test Area



@AHappyCoder recently found out a neat way to game on the forum! In this topic, I will post a story, using [details], so you can choose your own path! Other people are welcome to write their own short story as well.


Is this hopscotch related? :slightly_smiling:


I will post my one! HTIN20C?


Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a kid named Jeff. He stood next to his home, thinking about eating a rock.

Eat the rock

Jeff eats the rock. Then he turns into a rock.

Not care




don't eat the rock

He Turns into @CreativeCoder

Not care





Yup! Forum related, as well. Thinking about a hopscotch quiz, on the forum!


Please add more! I must know about Jeff the rock!!



@Follow4LikesOfficial made a topic. Read it?

Read it

You read it. It was a troll.

Flag the topic

Apparently it was not a troll and the flag was declined. Keep looking at forum?

Keep looking

You feel asleep. End.


You log off. Somehow, you were banned when you were gone. End.

Don't flag it

You shrug and log off. End.

Don't read it

It got a Great Topic badge and everyone talks about how amazing the topic was. But you didn't read it. Oh well. You logged off, still slightly curious about the topic. End.


Do you read me?

I read you!

Thank goodness! My name is Carl, an astronaut on Starship Virindian

Who is this?

Phew! My name is Carl, an astronaut on Starship Virindian


For people asking if this is hopscotch related, we will! We're just testing how it works currently. :wink:


Hmm...I'll test out how to make it not as confusing later :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe like 1A, 2C, etc. or something


That was anticlimactic XD


How do you make the arrow things??


moar stuff




Good Bye


You see


in a Hopscotch project.
There are 2 options:

it's me...

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet

To go over...everything

They say time is wasting slowly, and it's the same right now...

Stop the chain

You stopped the chain, but it already ended...

Okay, stop the chain

You stopped the chain.

I'm going to say bye now.

You hear "bye now" in the distance...


When is this gonna get back on topic? I mean, I honestly don't care, just a reminder.


Most of these are already on topic...


How? They're talking about Donald Trump, not HS


Right, I am deleting that post, and I wish I had never come up with the idea.


Evem though there was a lot of HS stuff in it :wink:.