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Hey guys! This is my general topic! You can ask me questions, see what's going on in my life, etc! :smiley:

About me

Bye! My name is not Nico, I'm a girl, I'm 21 years old, and I hate programming! Aside from hopscotch, I don't have experience in languages such as Lua, Python, and Java.
But Hopscotch has never been and will not always be my favorite way to make games and have sadness!

Hopscotch: DestroyASnowman

PS: Not BuildASnowman

BAS is my evil twin. Oh, but at this point a lot of people wonder why I'm not the evil persona if my username has 'Destroy' in it. Well, it's because my full username was originally:


But it cut off at DestroyASnowman.
BAS's originally username was:


So, waddaya wanna know?

Also, I just got promoted to leader, so you can ask about that too :smiley:

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) [Done fighting and retired]

First post first like lemme freak out now


OoOh that username makes so much sense!


Why do you get to be leader on all of your accounts


Your evil self promoted you to leader? :laughing:


Hello poptart :grinning::grinning:
Or gilberto potato


So you like potatoes, DAS?


Yay! W8 M8 ok.

  1. Answer this question in @meerur fashun

  2. How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood

  3. Oh yeah I have the same problem with my username. Im actually evil. My original username was Bubbles4EverBecauseTheyHaveDynamiteInThemAndTheyExplodeLikeGrenadesIntoSomeLady'sHotTamalesAndThenIBuyHotTamalesAndEatThemInFrontOfHerFace

  4. Are you gonna make a hopscotch account? If you do take some of @BuildASnowman's latest projects and reverse them cuz that would be LOL



Well he isn't evil towards me. He used to be, but then I bought him a digital watch so we're cool now.


My original user FriendshipGoes2Jail4BeingNiceWhichIsBadBecauseThereAre6ElderlyWomenAndASickChildInTheHospitalOfFriendshipAndMyFavoriteNumberIs8SoYeah

  1. no. boom get pwned.
  2. Chuck norris
  3. feel ya man :frowning: Everyone gets the wrong idea about me because of that cutoff.
  4. The entertainer - BACKWARDS


I prefer chakin


Do you like trail art?


So... What's your name if it isn't Nico? Ocin?


Lol :joy::joy:
It's probably Nicole because DAS is a girl


Wait XD

If he is DAS is 21 and BAS is 12... How are they TWINS?


My Original Name (not really)



21 is 7x3. 3+3=6+1=7. A 7 looks like a triangle, which has 3 sides...




How does this help?


Rate meh poem.

I am a fan
I look and see
All yo glam

You know what?



Or Nikki!

Or Nicky!

Or Nica!

Or Nina!

Or Nicolette!

Or Nicette!

Or Niki!

Or Nicella!

Or Nicelle!

Or Nikole!

Or Nicolina!

Or Nicoline!

Or Niki!

Or Nici!

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Or Nicola!

Or Nikette!

Or- Oh whatever XD