Destroy Clone/object block?



this is cute


What’s that supposed to be




Don’t make me laugh.

You think I’d believe he sorted them into cute little spreadsheets on the hopscotch website? He can’t do that.


No, its THT’s cute little spreadsheets


I don’t think they’d store such sensitive data that way.

Why does he have twenty accounts?

And that’s less than 25. Mush less than your claim


Thats just one of them, he can show you more


He hacked into it and found all those passwords


I highly doubt it. Show me more.


Jonny gave me one with like 40 accounts but im too lazy to look for it

Now prove how you’ve hacked, missy c:


Don’t call me that you whore.


Ok, sorry, but can you please prove how you’ve hacked so many accounts and such?


she hacked me and like. sdhgkadsjfgsDFJGSDFG I WAS SO MAD omg she like. hacked all of my alternate accounts too!! she deleted all of my projects and swore at me!! and she hacked all of my friends too! she BURNED my reputation and made me nothing. and I still hat her to this day. don’t act like she’s not good at hacking. ugh.


Why can i sense a lot of sarcasm


Don’t make me hack you.

I happen to have gotten very good at brute forcing my way into accounts, th0t.


stop. @SharpenedBlade74 can confirm this.


Ok then 0_0 i was trying at ask nicely…


Stop being so cynical


You’re not very nice…


At least I’m nicer than that fearless.

If you knew half of what I knew, you wouldn’t stand her.