Destroy Clone/object block?



Hello, so I’m making a game which requires a reacreation of clones every level advancement/attempt, and it starts off okay but ends up lagging do to the amount of clones simply present but not used. My solution: destroy clones. But how??!? (A secret block?) I have read a lot about the webplayer on these forums and took a long study of it myself, but I’m still confused on how to get this block. I’m looking for help from someone who has already utilized these kind of blocks, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hope someone can help, since I’ve seen this in other projects but using the waitTilTimestamp block. What would be even cooler is if someone creates a strategic method for devising and importing these new blocks into personal projects that everyone can use and understand. Thank you for your time!


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@Petrichor could probably help you

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Off topic question but if found this line at the end of the webplayer:


Does this mean you can have different fonts?


That’s part of what I modify to change the font.


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So if your currently working on a written method on utilizing these secret blocks right now I won’t bombard you with questions anymore. When your finished, please tag me. Thank you once again.



First, create the blocks you want to replace. (In this case, two waits with unique parameters and a create c lone)

Then get the project’s json file. I think @creationSofaNoob or someone made a nice tutorial about that about a year ago.
Then, go to (what I use in this example.) After that, search for the first unique parameter

Then change this to whatever block you want. (I’ll do destroy block)
Destroy: block type 55, parameter type any.
WaitTIlTimestamp: block type 19, parameter type 42
Since these are both blank blocks, I used parameter keys to label them. (I think @Awesome_E does this too,)
This is the destroy block.
Wait til time stamp.

To get the special create a clone block, I duplicate the wait til time stamp parameter, add that to my create a clone, and change the key.

This turns our original three blocks into this:

Petrichor I (Am)
Delete clone block? (feature request. Approved by community)
Suggestion: Clear clones block

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Hmm, this seems interesting!

Could you show me some kind of video to do this?


@Petrichor So I did the process you described, but how do I get it to change in the actual project?


@Petrichor I agree, a video of this entire thing including the uploading and downloading would be perfect.


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