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I have a game called fishgame :tropical_fish::tropical_fish:. And @DragonLover975 told me to make levels, something I'm trying to do. But when my game reaches level 3 my time counter stops, and my background won't go back to normal. It's really frustrating because I want to make 4 levels and not 3. Does anybody know what is wrong?? Can you please reply if you know, because than I can finally finish my game.


Is there something that stops the variable from counting?? 🤔


Also, the game is really fun :yum:


That's the problem, I have no idea what's going wrong. Or why the counter stops!:disappointed_relieved:


I'll check it out. (20)


My little sister already found it, it was so stupid, she was just looking trough the code and looked at the counter ans said: why did you make this instead of that? What did I do? I had my counter in a repeat block, and instead of repeating it 240 times I made it repeat 120 times. That was the reason it stopped. @Rawrbear thank you for your help but I don't need it anymore, because I already finished my game, and everything works fine.


?? I didn't know stu-pid was an unacceptabel word.


Yeah, no problem! :grinning: (20)


@Jootje I don't know if you saw this already, but it looks like your fishgame is on Rising! Congratulations!


Yeah I saw that and it made me sooooooo happy!!:smile::smile::smile::smile:


@DragonLover975 I was looking in trending a few moments ago and look what i saw


Ugh... It doesn't load, well my game is in trending already, was what I wanted to share. It is really low, but it is there!


Will it be on Featured? :flushed::flushed::flushed:


I have no idea. I would really like it if it would happen, but I don't know. Maybe after I finished the money stuff and buying karacters in game it will happen.


There is a video tutorial on the app how to do levels


?? I know. Just one little question, why did you add this? I don't want to be rude, I'm just curious. Cause my problem is clearly solved.


I didn't see sorry, I didn't really look at the previous comments.


Okay it's alright :smile::smile::smile::smile: