Desīn Inc.© wanna join?



Hey guys! Desīn Inc. is a company my brother and I are working on! We have put it in hopscotch and are wondering if anyone would like to join! Thanks! :smile:
Btw, we are accepting everyone! I'll send the passcode to anyone who wants to join!

@JonnyGamer JonnyGamer: CDO, Cheif Desīn Officer
@Qubertion: Pending
@CleaningS: Pending
@David Frūt new ac.: CEO
@Rawrbear awrbear: Art Director


Any requirements or anything???


Not really, just if you can code! :grinning:


Right now, I'm working on a really cool project! I'm going to try to move it on the Desin acount


Would you like to join?


Ooo, can I join? ( 20 characters )


Sure! 20characters..


What kind of projects to you make?


Anything for now... We want to focus it more on games though, and art, and inventions!


Cool! ( 20 characters )


The account is Desin Inc. and pass is ----. I'll edit it later if you want to join


Do you want to join?


Yeah, I'll join. What's your Hopscotch name though?


Mine is JonnyGamer. The collab is Desin Inc.


What do you want to work on?


Ok, got it ( 20 characters )
delete it quick!


thanks! (20 characters)


Well... maybe... You should just make a game on your account, and then I can maybe give advice and we can do it on someones account. So if it gets popular, then it won't just be on a collab account. The other option is just planning it out on a collab account and then make the real game on your account or something. I'm kinda worried about hackers :anguished:


You Can join any time you like! :slightly_smiling:


ok, I'll move a game I'm working on onto that account! :slightly_smiling: