Design holes for Under Par!

as you may or may know, I released a project called under par about a week and a half ago. now, you can design holes for it—and the creator of the best hole gets a prize

how do you design a hole?

using this:

okay, but I don’t understand how to use it

here’s what you need to do:

  1. enter the project and go to the object that says “DESIGN HOLE HERE”
  2. equip clubs to be used as a guide for the hole length: there’s an ability with a long name that you should edit. put the club set that you want last in that ability. you can tell which is which by the 2 letters at the end of the string. here’s the names:
  • BB = bears basics. the starter clubs, they don’t go very far.
  • SS = short game star. they don’t go very far but they are accurate.
  • CS = chill n soar. they go a good distance but aren’t too accurate.
  • RR = Robo Revolution. they go far and are kind of accurate.
    I suggest that you use either SS or CS for your testing clubs, but feel free to do whatever you want
  1. choose a par. there’s a variable in the “DESIGN HOLE HERE” ability that is called “par.” set it to 3, 4, or 5. here’s how to decide what par to make your hole:
  • par 3s are usually 100-220 yards. because they aren’t very far, I like to include bunkers or a water hazard with them
  • par 4s are anywhere from 300-475 yards long (and the most common par on a golf course). if they are shorter than 350-375 yards than I would suggest to include several obstacles. if the hole is above 450 yards and a par 4, you might want to have less obstacles as the distance makes the hole hard enough
  • par 5s are 475-620 yards. as with par 4s, if the hole is shorter than 525 yards, make sure to include many obstacles. if it’s longer than 600 yards you shouldn’t include a lot of obstacles


you could just put 4 for the value and I’ll decide what par it should be. that’s a lot easier

  1. make the hole. this requires a section of its own…

the string

in the value at the top (HoleString), there is a string. let’s break it down:


X0512: x position, always 4 numbers following the X
Y0384: y position, always 4 numbers following the Y
W200: the width, 3 numbers follow it. if the desired width is something like 50, make sure to add a 0 in front of the 50 to keep it 3 digits. this is the same with every other value
H070: height, 3 numbers always follow it
T1; the type. different types mean different lies:
1 - fairway (good lie)
2 - light rough (usually borders the fairway or green)
3 - rough (you probably won’t use this as it’s the ‘background’ and having rough in the middle of the fairway may look weird)
4 - green do not have more than 1 green per hole. this usually means 1 string that has a type of 4, but greens can be more than 1 shape
5 - sand
6 - water do not make this or T5 (sand) be behind the green
7 - sand designed to cover behind the green

after typing a chunk like X0512Y0384W200H070T1; hit enter and type another chunk. do this until you finish

step 5: hole location (optional)

if you want, add a hole location by typing x/y coordinates in the HoleLocation variable. an example string would look like:


you do not have to include the /P4 since you’re creating only one hole, but if you’re wondering what that signals it means the hole is a par 4

if you have water in your hole, normally there would be a dropzone variable but I will add that as needed

now what?

you’re done! copy/paste your string here and tell me what par it should be


can I make multiple submissions? yes! I encourage you to, I’m hoping for at least 18 holes for a community-created course to be added to the game

how is this judged? I’ll judge it using a loose rubric based off of creativity and how fun it is to play

when does this end? try to get your submissions in by august 17–I would make it earlier but I won’t be active for the first 2 weeks in august

I believe that’s all, if you have any questions (which you probably should, I might’ve made the explanation too detailed) let me know
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results post for later


Second post!

Cool! Its really long (it should take 15 mins to read it all) but I know it’s a comp when is going to end?

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So cool! I will definitely do this

Great competition idea

Wait actually can I judge if allowed?


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no, sorry–though having other judges would be nice, it’d take a lot longer, especially to compile results


Sounds fun! I’m going to have to take the time to read through all of this carefully. May the best hole win :hole:


I really like how you use strings or this, so cool! I’ll see if I can make something. The description is very detailed, so great job with that!


What’s the deadline?


Wait… i found the deadline…

Here’s my submission



Hole location:


great, thanks for submitting!

did you make sure you copied the entire string?strong text


Yes. I’m pretty sure.


hmm, there should be more i think—you need a T4 block and a longer fairway (t2, which is like a guide to the hole usually)


Still continuing


not really lol

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