Design a Hand in Nail Artist! 💅


Have you wanted to paint nails or draw a henna without making a mess? Well try my new game nail artist! In this game, you can draw with 9 different colors to create hennas, nail art, hand tattoos, and rings! Have fun and leave a like! (This game works best vertically or with an iPhone)
Paint here!


Pretty cool, but I have done suggestion!

- Make the colors a drop-down menu
- Add a title screen
- Add colors and ability to change width
- Make the fourth nail look like the rest. (The fourth nail gets covered up)

- Sometimes when you draw, it connects the lines from one place to another. Not every time but most of the time

So ya :D cool game!


Thanks for the ideas @Malie! I was coding on the iPhone version and then I switched to the iPad version, so it glitched out! I deleted my code so I had to rewrite it all. Sorry about the bugs because the editor had a meltdown. Have any of you had this editor glitch?