#DeservesFame, spread the fame



hey guys! Everyone on this app deserve to get appreciation. That's why i want to start a new act of kindness on Hopscotch. We always play the same peoples projects on Hopscotch, like: MagmaPop, SmileyAlyssa, CreationsOfANoob, etc. what if for once we play the projects that deserve to play. The truth is, some people have really good projects, as good as those on trending and featured ,but they don't get that appreciation! thats why all of us should pick someone's project who isn't famous, and republish it as #DeservesFame. I hope this gets started so we can someone else project for once!


What do you mean?

And @PWALK3430, I agree. Have you ever checked out my channel?

I like to give shoutouts to unnoticed Hopscotchers, or Hopscotchers that need more attention for their work.

I encourage all to do the same.


As I said earlier, what do you mean? You don't deserve to be on this topic? On the forum? Specify please.


My name... Is next to @MagmaPOP? Woah


Welcome to the forum!! Sounds like a good idea!!


Yes, as you can clearly see.


Lol sorry it's just surprising!


I wouldn't be surprised if I were you. You are well known, as you can see in your profile.