#DeservesDoesntHaveIt Project


This project is to help those out there who deserve likes and follows and attention and don't get it.
This is how it works:
I will select someone who deserves, but doesn't get. I will give them a shoutout on both here and hopscotch. Then, they will choose someone and give them a shoutout. If they have a forum account, they will also shoutout on this topic on the forum, but also on hopscotch. If not, they'll either get their own forum account and do it or I'll do it for them. It will countinue like this, and there will be a long list of all the Shoutouts.
I hope this works!
Also, use #deservesdoesnthaveit in your Shoutouts!


@MyPizza (My_Pizza) From @Hoppertoscotch (Gamergirlofgamers)
@Fun_in_the_Sun (Funny_In_The_Sunny) From @MyPizza (My_Pizza)


This is a great idea!

well i think people have done this before but only on HS not the forum...

um i dont have any but i will make some shoutouts later... It lunch time here though so im gonna get food now bye...

PS me ran out of likes (its driving me crazy) so here r some :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


This is a great topic! @hopertoscotch! :DD


Awesome topic! Here's a like :hearts:


I love this idea! I think my_pizza deserves a shoutout!



Tried to make a tag :slight_smile:


It's actually hard to find these people, buried under piles of other people, forgotten, unknown....still searching. Thought I found someone, but they can!5 be on during the summer...


checks out my_pizza

Can I use that person as the shoutout please? @bluedogmc-official


Yah, sure! He/she deserves it!

@MyPizza is her/his forum account!


Shoutout #1

@Hoppertoscotch (Gamergirlofgamers) Has Passed On The Shoutout To:
@MyPizza (My_Pizza)



@MyPizza please find someone who deserves attention but doesn't get it, find out if they have a forum account, and give them a shoutout on here and hopscotch!


I think I'd like to shout out Funny_in_the_Sunny.
I'm not sure if they have a forum account but they have a really cool hopscotch account. Am I just supposed to post my recommendation here or.....
(Sry I'm not really good with the stuff on the forums)


@MyPizza I don't know if they do either, but @Fun_in_the_Sun might be Funny_In_The_Sunny.... But I don't know.


@Fun_in_the_Sun is :wink:


Awesome topic! There are tons of people who need more attention and this a great way!




Shoutout #2

@MyPizza Passed On The Shoutout To:




One of meh fav Hopscotchers.

The name combines my fav things

Anonymity (and @Anonymous lol) Pugs and loaves.

And she's a really good coder!

I am a huge fan :D

Just wanted to say that lol


Shoutout to her lol

Even tho that's not how this works