Describe Hopscotch in one word



Describe Hopscotch in one word! You describe Hopscotch in one word, then give a few other reasons why you like Hopscotch!

I'll start!

Hopscotch is an awesome coding app! I love the community!

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That's 2 words! XD but how else would you describe it in more than one word?


Well, no not really me and @Rodrigo say that!


Let me guess, OutstandinglyAwesome is one word because you say it so fast!



It's faster then light!:stuck_out_tongue:



It's like the he best coding app ever


The best ever I'd not one word!


Wow. Forumers can't describe Hopscotch in just one word! That means it's the best coding app ever!


Yep it's

SupercalafragilsticxbowladousLy awesome!


How did you spell that?


I don't know it's just I got this from the Internet!



Opportunity, becuase hopscotch is an awesome place that teaches you to code and it will change your life forever!
Lol now whenever I am bored I sometimes accidently start imagining what the code would be for things like computers, phones, calculators, etc. :joy:


When I am bored I think about ideas for games and play the piano! And that was the best one yet! I'm typing this with one hand too!


Yeah when I am bored I take a shower and think of hopscotch in there anyone else?:stuck_out_tongue:


Because Daclub is one word and Daclub is awesomely amazing. (Jacksepticeye and Mathias joke)


I was gonna say potato but I would describe it as Amazingness.


Ahem, you do RPs and chat on drawing pads that you aren't supposed to talk on, plus that could be insulting, please delete it. This isn't "Describe your opinion about Hopscotch", it's "Describe how great Hopscotch is in one word"! :slight_smile:




That drawing pad thing was a mistake (so sorry.)
But the thing is that I just treat things how i'm treated at school by pupils. quite badly.