Derptocorn invasion!


It's the Derptocorn!
Hai! The Derptocorn is here! It's here to invade Hopscotch and the forum to give the derpiness!
This is the Derptocorn:

How to invade using HS:
Just simply remix the Derptocorn project. You can ask make games about it. Just be sure to give credits!
How to invite on the forum:
Just post the derp face in every replies!
Or do # DerptocornInvades with the space
Thanks! Let the Derptocorn invade!
Some people I want to tag:
PS: Derptocorn = Derp+potato+unicorn




Derpiness overload too
182828395994838292% cute


Here's a like! <3
It's so cute! And wonderfully coded, might I add! :clap::smile:


Add what?
Thank you so much! It took me minutes to do that. It's pretty hard to code trail art


I mean, it was coded perfectly so it has extra derpiness to it! :smile:


Thank you so much. My sis and bro said it wasn't good. The horn looks like a bump on his head and the tail looks like blood coming out


7 likes and 1 remix in 17 minutes. Thanks!!


Don't listen to them, it's awesome! Just because someone else doesn't like it, doesn't mean that it is bad. It's if you like it that counts. :smile:


It made me feel better. Actually, we insult each other's project all of them. Except for my bro as he's the youngest. It's weird right.


It's actually not weird, it's what siblings do! Trust me, I have a little brother who does the exact same thing. XD

I think I broke your activity on hopscotch lol


Checking activity.....


Don't do it... I broke it and I don't want anyone exploding today. :joy:


Dudey liked my project!
Woah! Yay!


Here's a like! <3
I'll GBOT now. :P


Derptocorns are awesome!






I liked a million other of your projects as well, it must not have loaded yet. XD
I told you I broke your activity


You broke my activity...: