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@justanerd I’ve now started a nearly 100% pen version of the Commodore 64 game “Gremlins”
I know you are too busy too help, but after seeing your progress on your FNAF game, you have inspired/motivated me to make this game.
I’d like help with this game but I noticed it was difficult for you to find skilled pen artists/coders for your game so I don’t know if asking others to collab is a good idea.
Anyone reading this that would like to help and can at least make the picture shown so far, please message me here.



Hi @Stradyvarious. How are you?

Did you finish making this game? I’ve decided to try to re-make the classic text style adventure game Pirate Adventure in Hopscotch. After searching the forum this topic is the only mention I’ve found so far of someone posting about text adventures. There’s a few mentions about choose your own adventure stories but those are different, obviously. Just curious how it turned out.