Demolishing and Redoing L💜vender Pad



Hey, forum community!

I'm demolishing and redoing my Lavender Pad because of how messy it is:

Post below if you have a comment or question.


I think it will come out great! Good idea!


cool! I suggest using Set Position blocks to prevent it from being messy :wink:


Hey peeps!
My drawing pad was demolished and remade. Here's the new version, including 41 total colors and 17 HSBS, my original messy one had 21, with no HSBS!:

Friendly Tag List (BuildASnowman Approved)
Watcha think of it?


Hehe saw that edit. Looks fun


What do you need help with? I am in a collab right now, but maybe I can find time. :slightly_smiling:


Cool! Except I had to search for you, links don't work for me anymore (problem, @Liza!).