Demo/example code collaboration

Hello! I have an idea for a a collaboration account: we make projects that have little code bits and pieces that will help people with their own projects, such as a simple point towards or the massive data saving projects that I and @Hopscotcher have worked on. Reply with your tag and hs username and I’ll add you@pomtl @CodeHelp
People in the collaboration
@Mindcool24 (me) username: XxZRMxX




What do you mean what?


Ooh sounds fun!
I might join but I probably won’t have time to actively do anything


I could join… but the last time I did a collab the account went dormant and the game discontinued.

Oof ya it’s really just individual projects really… could ya make the account?

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That’s fine you won’t need to be active


Ok… Sure. Check your notifications on Hopscotch with a remix telling you the password and username.

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Ok sweet thanks!

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The account is ready! The name is DataGames and I remixed your redrawer with the password. Change the avatar to another thing every time you come in so I know you done something and I’ll change the avatar to pizza when I go in. Also, please don’t change the username without telling me.

Ok I will mine will be the watermelon

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Can I join?
On hopscotch, I’m called Popkea.

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What do you want to do?

Ok I’ll remix one of your projects with the pass and user

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@Mindcool24 I have changed the username to TheCodeHelpers

Ok that makes more sense

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I think this can be clived

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