Deletion of Account (request)


Have fun with school mini





She kind of left HS a little while ago.


I will miss you… good luck with school…


What a great idea! I need to do this.



@MiNi to leave is your own choice. But plz don’t delete your account!!! Goodbye senpai, it was an amazing time knowing you. Have a great time IRL and at school! You will be missed. Bye ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;


WHAT?! WHY???!!! NOOO!!!


Have a nice life fren :disappointed:


It’s your choice, but we will miss you so much. I will. And a lot of others too. I have seen you being on here and being so kind to lots of people, so I’ll really miss you. If ever would like to get back, I have a suggestion. I don’t know what you think, but if you want your account deleted, all your progress will be gone. I would not do this, because the forum is so good and amazing, but if you ever would be distracted in your homework, you could look at this app called Blacklist:

Instead of deleting your account, you can turn off the access to your forum for a specific time (when you are doing your homework), and then you could access it when you are done. It feels bad to block a such a good website, even if it is for a certain amount of time, so I know that it’s not the perfect solution.

If you choose to leave completely, then I just want to say goodbye. We will miss you, good luck with school!


Bye! Good luck in real life – have fun! :slight_smile:


Awwww I’ll miss u, MiNi…


saranghae, good luck. best friend. I have no words.


Dang it. I just reread that, and I am now struggling not to start sobbing.
Then, cringy me just had to get off so I would have time to tell my parents goodnight before I started crying. I overreact way too much. Mimi, I have no idea why I revived this, I guess because I miss you so much.


I miss all of you ! I’m really upset about her too


I’m hereeeee :joy::heart:


I wish u were still here so we could discuss k-pop.