Deletion of Account (request)


Hello, @Liza. :)

I love this forum don’t get me wrong, and the community here is definently a thriving one, but I need to focus on what is important in real life. And unfortunently the forum is too addicting for me.

This year I will be attending a school that requires excessive amounts of homework, and I would really like to be able to prove that I can handle taking these very advanced courses. Unfortunately the forum distracts me. Last year it was okay because I was ahead, but this year I’m in for a challenge and I don’t want much distraction.

I love this forum I really do, but I believe it is time to move on for once and for all.


@MiNisList, you all have proved how to be amazing. I will miss each and every one of you a lot. Thank you all for such an amazing experience.

And to the entire forum:

You’re all amazing. All of you are ready to go off and do great things in life, and I hope I have left a good legacy. Farewell.

This is Mini (Mimi) signing off…
Once and for all.



What?! No… Mimi…
I mean, it’s your choice, but… we will miss you.
Well, if you ever see this, I just want to say thank you.
Thank you for being an amazing friend. Thank you for always being there for me, and being open to talk and encourage me.
You and Sophia have been the people who have made this forum home for me. You two are the reason I come here everyday. Becuase you guys make this forum worth it. We’ve made memories that will never fade. We have had countless conversations and inside jokes. We went through it all. We went through it all, together. We’ve faced everything, knowing we can count on each other. It won’t be the same without you, but I understand.
Thank you for being the sister I could always count on, even when my own sister wasn’t approachable enough to talk to. I’ll never forget you, my friend.
Goodbye, sister.


You’re leaving? ;-;

Even though we don’t talk much, I’m gonna miss you. ;-; bye!


Mini, I understand why you want to do this and believe me you will be greatly missed. You were one of my first and closest friends on here and I will ever forget you. While this community won’t be the same without you, I hope you have an amazing time irl… have a fanatic life Mini <333

  2. you were a great and amazing friend
  3. what if you could come back?


i totally feel ya

i have emailed tht asking them to delete my account but they haven’t replied yet


Why do you need to delete your account? You could just log out, delete your bookmarks, and don’t come here anymore. Then if you decide to come back, or just visit, you have an account with stuff on it.

Well, it’s your account. It’s probably better to email, I’m not sure how many notifications Liza has and if how often she’s on here.

Anyways, bye @MiNi, I will miss seeing you around here.


I’m…really gonna miss you Mini… ;~;
But I hope you have a great life, and that this decision is worth it x3


I think she doesn’t want to do that because she has tried to leave like that before in the past, but she’s never been able to, and she has always came back afterwards. Deleting the account makes it harder for her to come back, which might convince her to keep her focus on school and real life.


Wait what? You’re leaving?
I mean it’s ok, but…

Welp. Bye Mimi.
You’ve been a nice friend.
We hope you can come back.
See you… :pensive:


Farewell, my friend…

I hope you have a great time in life :slight_smile:

I understand why you’d leave


I totally get the scenario you’re in, but you can’t delete your account, sadly. Maybe ask your parents to restrict this website, and put the password in for you when you want to visit?


We are all going to miss you :frowning:
We won’t forget about you.
It’s your choice. Well, goodbye, and good luck in life :slight_smile:
I’m gonna miss you :frowning:


We will all miss you Mini, do very good in your school!


At least come back next summer, mini…
We’ll all miss you ;-;


Mimi, i don’t know what to say…
I’ve enjoyed every single conversation we’ve shared and just being your friend.
I’ll miss you more than you know…
I’m sorry that this forum has become too much. I wish you luck irl and that you can tackle any challenge that you come across.
Bye Mimi.


Oh my gosh, no… we barely knew eachother :frowning:

Well, I am going into 7th grade this year and am likely going to start studying for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and GED soon, so we both have school issues. Also, I have to study heavily for math this year because I don’t want to be bad at it…

You’re super important to this forum, maybe you should change your email to a throwaway and make your pass random garble like “wqijdwqujhdijwqijdijwq”? That might get you off without having to delete your account :frowning_face:

But, still, it’s your desicion. :slight_smile:


Okay, um, I should probably get off before I start dropping tears on the screen. I just want to 100% agree with this:

I couldn’t word it any better. Well, I might could, but I suddenly don’t feel like it. I just really want to stop you, but I know you won’t be reading this anyways. Even if you did, you will probably have a lot of homework. That’s school for you unless you’re me. I understand that you want to focus on school. If you see this, I just want to tell you what I plan on doing for your birthday, even if you won’t be here. I plan on writing a mini book. It will be fiction, but the character will be modeled after you. I plan on getting many people to spamlike you. I also plan on writing another very, very long post. Yeah, I’m probably overreacting, but tbh, idc if I am or not. I just need to go to bed. I wish the best for you, Mimi. I know you will move on the amazing things in the future. That’s just the kind of person you are. I will always remember you.


??? :frowning:️:frowning:️
This is so sad! I know you are off so why am I even asking a question and you won’t reply but- are you leaving just the forum or just Hopscotch in general? Because Hopscotch helps with math skills- (sometimes.)
Also, my school has a lot of homework but I’m not sure how it matches up with yours though but I always find about twice a week just to check in look around for like 20 minuets then study for Spanish tests or whatever language you take. I am not going to make a whole speech about how you should not leave- but I would just stick around, get on the forum when you’re really bored. :upside_down_face:
Well, bye then.
Sad that you’re leaving :frowning:


Just change the password to something you’ll forget.

You will be missed.


By everyone.