Deleting your published work


Can hopscotch make a feature where you can delete your own published work?


There is a way

Just do this:
See the 3 dots? Click on it.

If you tap on it, you'll see these options, which includes unpublishing your project.


HS already made a button called unpublish


You can click on the ••• icon in the top left corner of your published project:

And click "Unpublish":

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Thanks!i cant belive that i diddint see that!


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Well you know now :wink:

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@Intellection74 what is the red button next to the 3 dots?


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It's the recording button. It only shows up on newer devices, though. (I don't know exactly which ones) :smile:


I think IPad Air 1 gen plus

Idk with phones though