Deleting the first character of an object forces keyboard away

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  1. Create an object
  2. Erase the text
  3. Before you delete everything, the keyboard forces you out

I expected this to happen: normal

But instead this happened: forces keyboard out

Here’s a sweet screenshot:


This is more because it’s preventing you from making the name completely blank, so it cancels the edit.

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This behavior is due to the fact that the contenteditable element containing your text gets deleted when all of the text is deleted. To my knowledge, this is a side effect of the contenteditable attribute.

However, because the Hopscotch Team’s efforts are focused solely on the new web editor, this unfortunately will not be fixed as far as I am aware.

As a workaround, however, you can select all the text (with a double two-finger tap on the iPad keyboard) and typing over it, which replaces all text at once without having to make it empty first.

This is not intentional, as the reason for kicking you out is because the element gets deleted. However, it does get reverted to what it was before for precisely this reason


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