Deleting projects that were remixed from yours


Can Hopscotch please add a feature we’re you can delete someone’s project that they remixed from your own? I noticed several people trying to take credit for my projects and them getting more likes and plays then me!! Sometimes, they even replace “Made by ChickenProductions7” with “Made by (Insert name here)”!!! :rage::rage:
I’ve noticed someone called “code like a pro” going around remixing people’s projects and after the original of the project, inserting “Made by code like a pro”!!! HOPSCOTCH THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDED!!! :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:


Plagiarism is not good, and it is sad that this happened to you! There should be a remix bar at all projects that are remixed from your account, as long as nobody copies your code exactly (which is pretty hard to do, but that depends on the project) or that a bug occurs and that the bar gets hidden.

You can report a project from violating the community guidelines directly in the app by tapping on the “three dots button” while playing the project or projects that you are talking about, but there is no option to report a project as plagiarism when I write this. You can also email The Hopscotch Team at the email addres.s, if you have the ability to do so.


Okay. Thank you. I wish what you said was true.


Yep, ThT should really add a report as plagiarism button.


This is how it should look like in my opinion.

Report Project
Why are you reporting
this project?

Being Mean
Inappropriate content
Sharing Personal Information
Bad Words


Sounds good to me

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Yeah, they have done that with my art pad mainly, but sometimes my only featured game too
It’s annoying, so maybe yes?


Featured is an exception. Let their friends be deceived if they want, but almost everyone knows the original creator of a featured project. If you want to know a thing or two about copyright issues, check out my Minigames 0.1.5 (search Minigames, 1st result brown background) and try to crack that or search Minigames :two:

Post Finding Game: Next Post


I agree.


This has happened to me so many times that I eventually gave up even putting my username in my projects. And when I did put my username in my projects, I made it really difficult to remove it. Now I just kinda laugh at people’s attempts to take credit for my projects and take it as a compliment that they liked my project enough to try and steal it.

I mean if you wanna keep your username on your projects I would recommend making it difficult to find in the code. Then less people will be able to take credit.


I do that too on my valuable projects lol
You literally have to scroll down all the way on one of my projects just to see the credit
I don’t think anyone’s ever changed it before, it’s pretty interesting


I do that on Minigames and E-Pad, Smooth BG creator didn’t have enough objects. New E-Pad will definitely have it. Most people who try to steal it also don’t know how to scroll through objects efficiently, so you can delete the sprite and hide it behind GUI and you should be good


I hid my credit behind some stuff in the editor, and someone tried to take credit for it, and the credit was still there. They Failed Miserablely XD.