Deleting posts we made?



Hey everyone!
I made a post (you might see it in the 'New' section) and I didn't finish it. Is there a way I can delete that post or edit it? There was a pencil button there, but it only let me edit the tags, tite etc. Please let me know if there is a way!
Thanks :wink:


Never mind! There was a mini pencil I missed XD


:smiley: If anyone else is wondering, you can edit your posts but unfortunately you can't delete them.

Here's how to edit your posts:


Thanks! I hope we'll be able to delete posts in the future.
Oh and <3 since I can't like anything else today :wink:


Maybe it just hides it from your feed, but it found the delete button to delete replies/posts we made!


Yeah @CreativeCoder it seems we can delete comments but not topics at the moment ): Thank you though! :smile:

And @CeeCee I hope they add deleting topics in the future too :smiley:


What is that profile picture @CreativeCoder so unstylish