Deleting my account


@thebananaman is it because of something IRL?


Noooooo! A comrade has been lost in battle! What happened bannany?


NOOOOOOOOOO this is NOT happening.
@thebananaman why?! Why do you want to leave hamil fren? You are SO nice. YOURE JUST PLAIN AMAZING. Please. Please rethink your decision…


She is not listening to anyone…


He is actually a she…
Banana is a girl…


You have thought that for a while. Listen people, if you leave, you have the freedom to do that. People may cry (raises hand), you will be missed, but your impact will live on. It doesn’t help if you have your account deleted. It just erases those posts that we remember you by. I’m not just talking to thebananaman


Wait, why? What happened?
We’ll all miss you… I love talking to you. You’re so kind and sweet, it always makes my day…


She also deleted some posts about how her mom found out about HS and banned her from it, and she deleted the ones about how she keeps the forum hidden. Hmm


Ok, I know why she wants her account to be deleted now


Why? I really need to buff up my common sense for school.


Because her mom found out about the forum


I see now. Her mom might have made her get her account deleted. That’s bad.


We think her mom found out about the forum. If not, she’s gone crazy


What do you mean?


Do you know her irl?


Oh dats cool. Maybe when you go back to schools you could ask her about it.


She just told me on another topic that her mom found out about HS and banned her. She told me that her mom didn’t know about the forum.

WHATTT??? That is just plain surprising. She doesn’t strike me like that kind of person.


oh, what? I’m confuzed.


About which part?


i hope that all her mom knowing is a lie or she would be a liar :lying_face: