Deleting my account


@Liza could you please delete my account from the forum?

Thank you

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Wait what?


Why u r solo awesome
R u creating another acc?


I meant soooo my iPad keeps making typos


Why??? Are you starting anew one or are you quitting?? :frowning:


Answer us? Please?

You’re making me freak out


Let me reply to him on my gt


WHAT!!! NOO!!!WHY!!!


He was seen just now @Gobli09!


Whut? are you leaving? why? we just want an explanation :frowning: are you making a new acc. ?


Is she still here???


@thebananaman Answer us please
You’re an awesome banana, and an awesome friend


Why do you want to delete your account? Why not just keep it, in case you ever want to come back?


It’s impossible… I really want to do that too. Me and Exy were thinking about asking mods to ban us…


Why do you want to delete your account?? Is it because your not allowed to use the forum?


No!!! My friend why!!! :OOOOOOO



if you leave, i’ll sorely miss you!! have a good time irl tho


10 people are worried, please banana D=


This makes no sense whyyyyyyy


@thebananaman, I’m not going to cry for you to come back, but I’d simply like to ask; why do you want to remove your account?

I understand if you do not want to speak out about it, but please know that many people will miss you. In the small amount of time you’ve spent here, you’ve made a difference. And you have helped the forum become more positive.

If you want to do this I support your decision, heck I’ve been thinking about deleting my account too.

I will miss you and your positive attitude, thebananaman.

— Mimi