Deleting code bug is fixed

Hello Hopscotchers,

If you’ve experienced the terrible bug where all the code in your objects get deleted then we have good news for you. We finally figured out how to reproduce it and just now released a fix in the app store. Thank you for your patience and all the bug reports!

If you haven’t gotten this bug, you should update anyways, because it’s a landmine waiting to happen. The way to reproduce it is to tap twice really quickly on any of your drafts (don’t do this unless you are ok with losing your code!).

In case you’re curious about what happened:
I had the brilliant idea of trying to open projects faster by doing two things at once. Your iPad/iPhone is actually made up of multiple computers (called CPUs). You can take advantage of this to do one thing on one CPU and another on a second CPU. But! You can also cause all sorts of really weird bugs if the two CPUs don’t coordinate properly. In this case CPU 1 thought it was supposed to open a fresh project while CPU 2 thought it was supposed to save an existing project. CPU 2 would accidentally save the brand new project that didn’t have its code loaded yet replacing the file for the real project and causing all your rules to disappear.

So, the lesson here is that trying to be too clever can lead to disastrous results. And please update Hopscotch!

I hope this explanation made sense, but let me know if any of it was confusing and I’ll try to clarify.

Happy hopscotching!


I saw those edits, thanks for the fix.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Okay thanks.

If possible, could you see if you can undo this bug on my project?

(It’s in my drafts called copy of fluffy bird slippers)

I’m going to go get the update now, thanks.
Edit: nevermind I can’t find it


This bug was really annoying thanks for fixing it

But I’m confused what does double tapping do


I am not 100% sure myself, but it seems to cause hopscotch to try and open your project twice at the same time and also try to save your project before all the code is fully loaded. Then once it’s open, your code has disappeared. This is sometimes called a “race” condition, because two different CPUs were racing to do similar things and you get a problem when the wrong one wins.


Would you mind if you could shorten the time interval between playing notes, when choosing them?
When coding, I want to make a song and when practicing the notes it’s really annoying how you tap the keys but there is an interval (delay in producing sound), so you can’t practice a tune. It’s really annoying when you have to go into the project, listen and keep going back and forth.

Us musicians would have such an easier time

Many thanks,


Thank you so much for the fix! :slight_smile: I haven’t experienced this before myself, but it is sad for those who already experienced the bug.


Can you help me understand what you’re trying to do and maybe add a screenshot? When I play notes from the keyboard in the editor it seems to work alright.


Everything was actually fine when I opened up a new project. I think it runs slow in an old one, but I (recently do this with projects) would just open a new project and produce all the code as it all runs fast there, then transfer to the old project.

So everything is fine.

Though in the project the crashing screen still comes up. I’m trying to see if the project is at hopscotch version 27, though. This notification told me to send an email for some reason…

Edit: I was offline when this all happened


Liza… Thank goodness your here…