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What if you could make a choose your adventure game with [details]? I can not try the right now but I will soon! It is just a idea.


Ummmm I think by hopscotch related it means the game... :sweat_smile: (You can make the choose the adventure in hopscotch though!)


Click here!

Option 1


Option 2

it works

So, um... now what?


We do that all the time in our math forum! (Math website)
But it's not really hopscotch related...

Maybe we could several lounge topics...
You use [hide] with a character choosing a path, write a sentence about it, then give a link to the next step, et cetera. Dunno
Like this
Once upon a time, there was a kid named Jeff. He stood next to his home, thinking about eating a rock.

Eat the rock

Jeff eats the rock. Then he turns into a rock.

Not care




don't eat the rock

Turns into @CreativeCoder

Not care





Maybe we can make it on-topic by posting a bunch of Hopscotch projects with different paths and using details to lead to that project. Kinda cluttering though.


Once upon a time, there was a dude named Bob.

Bob went into a cave

He got creeped out and left. The end.

Bob went to the dollar store

Bob buys a bag of chips

He bought chips. The end.

Bob bought cleaning supplies

He spilled them and smelled like lemons the rest of the day. The end.


Now I feel bad for Jeff...


You need to add more things! Jeff can't just die! Make it a poll and the majority gets to choose! :wink:




I'm just gonna make a story using this idea, soon. :wink:


Ok, my second topic that has recently gone wrong. Can you please closed this @Follow4LikesOfficial?


Close this one?


Yep, thanks
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Ok. I think this is a pretty cool idea, so I'm gonna create a new topic. :D