Deleted This Topic


Deleted topic because it wasn't related


I think this could go in the drawing topic! @Kiwicute2016 am I right?


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Yay! Thanks @Intellection74!(I was about to edit that into my post too)


But it's is related because u can tech how u draw in hopscotch???


I know, I was gonna add that, i even said I would, but I guess it isn't allowed @Intellection74


I guess so..................


Why was this post flagged?



Why was @Intellection74 flagged? She was helping, wasn't rude or mean, or off topic! :0


This is so confusing to everyone. :laughing:

BAS blocked her to fix something for her, so all her posts were hidden. She's unblocked now, but I don't know if BAS can fix the posts being hidden. :slight_smile:


Oh, ok!

I was like, why? @Intellection74 is so nice and helpful!

Thanks for explaining @Gilbert189 :D


Yep! I don't think they'll ever be unhidden. Oh well. Now I have about...

checks reply number

Wait. What?! The hidden posts don't count as my replies anymore. Oh well. xD


You have 6 posts and you're a leader. :laughing:


You have 200+ nice replies for replies that technically don't exist XD


It's magic. :0

Staring at @system intensifies.

Let's GBOT now. XD


There is no topic because even though I had promised to add a HS tutorial, it wasn't related? I just didn't want it to lag up and delete.