Deleted Project Bug or Person


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: ScotchHop Team

What kind of device are you using?: iPad

1 sentence description of the problem I was checking my projects when @Rider couldn't find them, and then they disappeared

I expected this to happen:
My 2 projects to show up

But instead this happened:
They weren't there

Here’s a sweet screenshot:
The disappeared projects are Inverse Draw and Shape Loading Screen



Oh, and another project deleted was webbing which had over 1,500 likes when it was deleted :expressionless:


I hope it'll come back.


It's been a long time since
We thought somebody deleted it and if that is happening, that would be a big deal


Yikes. Maybe it's just a temporary glitch for everyone on Hopscotch? (Very unlikely)


Oh, I forgot that it's at scotch hop team account so someone may have deleted it​:slight_frown:


Maybe someone hacked it because they were


Now this is ridiculous
My Your Reaction When... got deleted
I think someone is deleting them


Lol you like all ur projects
IDK what's going on


Maybe it has to do with... the new test Hopscotch update??
Pretty sure it's not XD


Maybe someone have seen the password when you've shared it.


Probably, now someone deleted the Your Reaction When...


If they deleted it, it might be in the drafts? But, that was mean, if someone deleted it, it was on piurpose...and... you can't delete a project on HS by accident...


Oh no, ScotchHop team is a really good collab and you have put lots of work into your projects. I really hope that it is a bug or something, because it will be horrible if someone hacked the account itself... Maybe you could try to email THT or contact them here at the forum?


Someone changed the name and said it was a fan account for SmilingStudios...


Oh no... Can you get it back somehow?


@UnderagedCoder1. That's not the only thing you needa worry about... there's this too...

Scroll down on Spudert2k1's profile a bit... there's more.


and my tap animals game...


It stinks
Whoever did this probably is mad or didn't get to be part of this


Yah, i know
He didn't even copy, the code is completely different