Deleted default parameter only accepts 1 digit

1 sentence description of the problem: a deleted default parameter will kick you out of the box after you type one digit with the number pad

steps to reproduce the problem every time: [start in a blank draft if possible]

  1. start in a blank draft [but only if this is possible]
  2. place any object [such as bear], & give it any rule [such as “when game starts”]
  3. inside this rule, add any block with a parameter. however, this parameter must have a default value! for instance, the “set position” block has a default value of 200, 200. if a user neglects to add a value, this value will be added.
  4. while the default value is still in light gray text, put any variable over top of it.
  5. delete the variable. do not deselect the parameter. the default value should appear in black text.
  6. press delete again, which should leave the parameter completely empty.
  7. attempt to type any number with at least two digits, using the number pad.

i expected this to happen: the number to type normally.

but instead this happened: you are kicked out of the parameter after typing the first digit, & you must reselect the parameter to finish typing the number.

screenshots/video: [catbox’s servers seem to be down right now, but i’ll post the video here as soon as i can]

Device details:


this bug is so minor it’s barely worth reporting but it is nonetheless annoying so here we are


catbox is back up!


I’m certain I’ve seen this bug before, I don’t really mind it, though.


It also happens on my iPad Pro 12.9" (5th Gen), on iPadOS 17.4.1 and even iPadOS 18 Beta 1…