Deleted Accounts and Suspensions: A Helpful Guide to the Forum



Hope to see her again?

Someday, I’d like to meet her in person. Actually be in the same room as her, in close proximity.


Same applies to places like google hangouts oof


wait what? you mean like the discord link? That’s empty. But yeah Hangouts is a big no no.


yeah lol i was just saying oof.


Hangouts=instant death!


Onehalfbath got suspended for a millennia. Now that’s what they do instead of 8 years.


Nice topic!

By the way…since the communicating outside the forum rules came out, how are they enforcing them?

Bc I think a lot of people are still using whiteboard fox


Half a millennium? You mean a full one (1000 years right?)


Yeah, my iPad was laggy and autocorrect was weird and it’s took tool long to fix.


Yeah. Like everyone on the drawing topic has been on a wbf at some point but now they blocked white board so


i think wbfs would work if there was a forumer that could work as an arbiter or referee of sorts and moderate that theres nothing wrong in the wb.

and if all goes really bad, all they have to do is report the issue to ana or some other mod.


I agree, except it really gets confusing as to who’s who when there’s imposters on the wbf.


the thing is that stuff is not often, meaning impostery would usually be by one person most of the time,

what they can do is stop any wb use of any sort until the troll and impostors are dealt with, and tag all the ppl who frequent on wbs with the announcement.


ultimately what they can do is constantly be on watch and delete any text written no matter the reason.

multiple people with different handwritings would have to speak out for the text user to not be immediately have their stuff deleted




Oh I meant @friendship2468




Well my one account was suspended and I’m still allowed to use this one soooo…
Also my suspension is only for 2 days (ends March 1st). I thought it was March 3rd first but whatever. I get why I was suspended (for a link to d.iscord) so I really don’t mind.