Deleted Accounts and Suspensions: A Helpful Guide to the Forum



I know that 3018 suspension (the “for life”) one with anon3378–something


and the xse account, but that one might’ve been deleted.


They still have 5 years left, most people would grow out of HS forum, so I’m really unsure. Let’s see what @Anonymous thinks


This is an extremely helpful topic!

And so sorry two accounts got suspended, must be hard for their owner…


Your general topic can also be deleted apparently. Both Kayro’s 2nd and TSRoli’s first were deleted due to their suspension. And I noticed Kyro’s Truth or Dare topic was deleted?


Yeah. I mean she looks up to people on this forum and she spent most of the night crying. She called me this morning.


This is a great topic, and really helpful! Thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge: it will be of great use to others!


Thank you! I thought it was relevant as a few users were suspended recently.


Very good topic! @ruineditwas


Thank You so much! I love this forum, there’s so many nice people.


Awesome job with writing this! I am sure that it will help people asking things like “why is this account suspended?” or “what is communication outside the forum?”. Well done! :clap:


Kayro is that you? Did Shadow_roli get banned as well?


This is very helpful!


yes, TSRoli got suspended.


That’s terrible! Do you know why? You don’t have to say if you don’t feel like it


yeah. Check Chickengirl’s General Topic. Above the Just Dance girl. Kayro emailed me.


this one??? @chickengirl??? First post the link. It’s the correct guidelines one right?


Yes those are the correct guidelines


I thought so but I wasn’t sure.


What am I joining, here?