Deleted Accounts and Suspensions: A Helpful Guide to the Forum



Hi everybody! I’m Ruined and this is my helpful guide to suspensions and deleted accounts. I am an expert at this as I have seen this happen multiple times over the last few months.

Deleted Accounts
Deleted accounts can occur for many different reasons.

  1. The account could be an alternate account for someone already on the forum
  2. The owner of the account could have deleted their account
  3. The system or owners of the forum just don’t want the account to exist

Now I’ll go in-depth on all of these issues.

The account that has been deleted could be an alt account. These can take up storage space on the forum and cause some pretty big problems. If a person is suspended on their regular account and goes into their alt to cause even more damage, the alt account may get suspended or deleted.

The owner of the account deleted it. There’s an option in your preferences page that allows you to delete your account. Careful as there’s no way to get it back.

The system or owners of the forum just don’t want the account there. I don’t know if this is for sure a reason but it could quite possibly be one. It’s probably the equivalent of banning a user.

I believe there are 3 levels of suspension. Level 1, a simple week or two of downtime for the user. Level 2, a few months. Level 3, full banishment from the forum.

Level 1: This is most likely going to be due to community flags or if a little bit of inappropriate behavior is demonstrated on the forum. It’s usually only for a week, maybe a few extra days but nothing too severe. It’s basically the forum saying, maybe you should spend a little more time thinking about what you post here, this is a child-friendly environment and we’d like to keep it that way.

Level 2: This will be your punishment for breaking the community guidelines. This suspension lasts months. Basically, if you’ve gotten the Level 1 suspension and you continue to misbehave, you’ll get this suspension. I advise you not to break the forum rules because it’ll take a long time to get your account back. This means no swearing, no communicating outside of the forum and no breaking guidelines. I will show examples of all those below.

Level 3: Permanent Ban. You are now banned, FOR LIFE!!! You have broken the rules far too many times to be allowed on here.

In all of these cases, I believe your fancy little IP address will be banned. This means even if you try to get onto another account you will not be able to until the suspension is finished.

Examples of Breaking Guidelines
Swearing. (I will not place words here as swearing is against the guidelines and many people already know what words they aren’t supposed to say)

Communicating Elsewhere.
This discord link is an example of communication outside of the forum. This is an empty discord though and I highly suggest not even tapping it/logging into discord as it’s not worth your time. Like legit there’s nothing there.

Breaking Guidelines
Basically just doing the opposite of all these rules.

I hope you learned something new!


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I figured you’d know someone who was recently suspended or deleted.


Um yeah? But frankly idc about the deletion or suspention dealio


But I must ask, why do you know so much about this?


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Ah, because I have had it happen to someone I know. Do you know Kayro or TSRoli or Ketzal or Yasha or ok.on.scarif


Actually, I’ve heard of all of them?


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I know the person behind them all, she’s really sad now.


Do they all get banned or something?
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Lol I got suspended and my alt got deleted it was so funny


Kayro and TSRoli accounts are suspended till May 1st
Ketzal, Yasha and ok.on.scarif are all accounts that had existed but they are now gone.


Oh I know who u are now lololol


oh do ya? that sounds interesting. But it would be breaking guidelines if I shared who I was as hat is personal information and that’s labeled in the guidelines topic.


You forgot about @friendship2468’s suspension until 2024 lol.


I did forget that one and it was a lot worse I think. There are users suspended until the next century.


I’d consider that suspension a 2 1/2 longer than months but not complete banishment.