Delete my account


hey is there a way to delete my account @Liza
Please I dont need this anymore
Plus I dont want my personal email as my email, and I'm not gonna make another email to change it



No there isn't sadly.


You can't just not have an email...?


You need an email on the forum.


What does this have to do with the topic?
I understand you're excited but can't you post this somewhere else?

Sadly, you cannot delete an acc


I know :P

That's what I mean.


Don't u need an email for a reg. HS account?


It is possible for accounts to be deleted on the forum


I don't think THT really approve of doing it... Or that they agree to do it anymore..
@BlueFire, I'd advise emailing THT. :slight_smile:


Pls I really need it deleted
I don't know what you think you're achieving by not deleting my account it's not like I'm ever gonna go back to hopscotch I really can't for reasons y'all don't care to hear so pls pls do something
Delete my account or suspend me or just anything pls


Well there isn't a way
And with no email no forum!


@Liza please just delete his account