Delete clone block? (feature request. Approved by community)



They do.


They do now. One of the best updated features ever


I made a topic about this too. You did it again and Im happy now more Hopscotcherers know this!


That would be very helpful, because I made a game that has lots of clones, but I couldn’t manage to make a trash bin for the clones!
The project is a level creator


The are working on it currently, still a bit buggy though. Maybe wait a few months and then it’ll be added.


Ok thx! :smile: but I’d like it to be sooner


Awesome e made a draft for it.

Remix this after opening it in Hopscotch, not the web browser.
Or, you can search for how to add blocks by editing the json. Here’s how.


It actually works pretty well – the only issue I had is when too many of these (about 70) are run at the same time, the project freezes (everything stops, nothing crashes, no code continues)


Yeah. Also it seems having a when bumps in 5e same object as one crashes the project too.

In whatever’s my thing for hhc2018 was it randomly crashes sometimes and the project restarts.

This one block can cause 3 or 4 different styles of project crashes.


Oh I don’t use When bumps – it’s too laggy so I use rectangular and oblong collision boxes


I do too, but for some reason I decided when bumps would be better for what I was working on at the time.